Feature article in the New York Times on David Sanford

The New York Times has a feature article on composer David Sanford!

Writer Seth Colter Walls does a wonderfully deep dive on David’s career and catalogue. Of his new release, A Prayer For Lester Bowie, he says:

On pieces like the compact yet multilayered “popit,” you can hear how Sanford might appeal to jazz, punk and contemporary classical listeners in equal measure. “Woman in Shadows” once again suggests the influence of Mingus, as well as of film noir scores.

Another track, “subtraf,” reflects some of his more recent enthusiasms, including modernist European composers like Fausto Romitelli and Helmut Lachenmann. Like other Sanford pieces, it has a guitar fuzzbox kick that recalls electric-era Miles Davis.

You can read the full article here.

A Prayer For Lester Bowie is available to stream and purchase here.