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Pre-order ‘The Hope I Hold’ from Ryan Keberle & Catharsis now

Pre-order for the new album and listen to the first single, "Despite the Dream," now.


We've got a selection of CDs from our catalog on sale for $3 - music featuring Dave Douglas, Ryan Keberle & Catharsis, Monash Art Ensemble, Riverside, and many more.

Four stars for Douglas/Caine/Cyrille’s ‘Devotion’ from UK Vibe

Thanks to UK Vibe for giving Devotion by Dave Douglas and Uri Caine, and Andrew Cyrille a four-star review!

New preview video for ENGAGE subscribers series

This video features footage from the debut concert at Zürcher Gallery in New York City.

‘Devotion’ from Douglas/Caine/Cyrille available now!

The album features new original compositions by Douglas in devotion to many of today’s greatest composers including Carla Bley, Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams, and Franco D’Andrea.

A Message From Dave

Hi, this is Dave Douglas. Thanks for visiting the site. Lots of music here. Take a look around the recordings, subscriptions and special content. Read more.

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May 27, 2019 Kneebody Cologne Stadtgarten Germany
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Trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Uri Caine continue their long-time musical association with a new album featuring master drummer Andrew Cyrille. The sequel to the 2014 Douglas / Caine album Present Joys that centered on renditions of Sacred Harp tunes and which the New York Times called, “an album of duologue that manages to be at once intimate, soulful and irrepressibly buoyant,” Devotion features new original compositions by Douglas in devotion to many of today’s greatest composers including Carla Bley and Franco D’Andrea.

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Every year for the past few years we have produced a special recording session to be released via our subscription series. Before that, we released special unreleased extras, outtakes, and other discographical oddities. It’s what you will get exclusively when you subscribe to Greenleaf Music.

ENGAGE is a direct descendant of UPLIFT, the 2018 set of compositions dedicated to positive action. We will be following up with all the organizations and causes invoked in that piece. And engaged in community and activism. People showed up in 2018, and our hope is that this trend will continue. We are going to need to be engaged to make the changes that will save our environment, our equality, our sciences and humanities. My hope is that everyone, in every field, will be involved and engaged in this work. Writing and performing these pieces is a reminder to myself not to get mired in the negativity — to stay positive and engaged through music daily.

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