Listen to the second single from Sound Prints ‘Other Worlds’!

'The Flight' is a sneaky tune by Joe Lovano.

ARTIST FEATURE: Olivia Chamoun from ‘The Dream: Monash Sessions’

Olivia is one of the vocalists on the album.

Pathways Into The Greenleaf Music Vault: Part One – Overview

We’ve heard from some new subscribers that they don't know where to begin on their adventure into Greenleaf’s discography so we decided to make a series of blog posts to help make sense of our vast discography.

ARTIST FEATURE: Ashley Ballat from ‘The Dream: Monash Sessions’

We check in with Ashley, who plays trumpet on the album.


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Greenleaf Music Podcast

ANFTD #89: Jeremy Pelt

ANFTD #88: Manuel Valera

ANFTD #87: Melissa Aldana



The third full length album by Sound Prints, co-led by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas, includes ten new compositions by the co-leaders and features Lawrence Fields, Linda May Han Oh and Joey Baron.

Releasing May 7th, 2021

This is jazz with a deep sense of history, but imaginatively and spontaneously reworked.” – The Guardian ★★★★



Hudson Solos - Music for Solo Trumpet(s)

Since the shutdown on travel began, almost every day I get to visit the Hudson River. I get to see it in all kinds of weather. Usually I’m thinking about the music I will be making that day. Sometimes I think through other projects in collaborations with musicians around the globe.

One thing I have never done is a solo trumpet project. Trumpet alone.