EXCERPT: Label Hang w/ Dave Douglas Quintet #8

They talk about their upcoming album, Songs of Ascent.

ANFTD #105: Shabaka Hutchings

Hutchings joins Dave Douglas to discuss his recent solo album.

The new single Scepter, from Dave Douglas' Songs of Ascent: Book 1 - Degrees


The third single: a bass feature for Linda May Han Oh

Song Yi Jeon chosen as Protégée for Rolex Arts Programme

She is the music protégée for 2023-24.

NEW SINGLE: Dancing Stars

Watch for the album to release November 18th.


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Happy to report that I have concluded production of a new Dave Douglas Quintet album, Songs of Ascent. Or, more precisely, TWO quintet albums. Working with Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda May Han Oh and Rudy Royston is one of life’s great joys. I was grateful the universe made this new collection possible.

I wrote 16 new pieces based on the Psalms which are known as the Songs of Ascents. We were able to record them all.

There will be two CDs. One of them will be here, exclusive for our members. One will be released widely to the general audience.

You are the first to know! Coming soon to a Bandcamp membership very near you!

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