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New release: ‘The Dream: Monash Sessions’

New music from Dave Douglas in collaboration with musicians from Monash University.

Lamentations on an Anniversary

Sitting down to reflect on the anniversary of my last in person performance: March 6, 2020.

Dave Douglas ‘Dizzy Atmosphere’ reviewed by Free Jazz Blog

Lee Rice Epstein says the album, "brilliantly reinterprets and renews Gillespie’s music."

New Sound Prints album ‘Other Worlds’

Pre-order the band's third full-length album on Bandcamp now, featuring ten new compositions from Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas.


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Upcoming Events

All events have been postponed until further notice.

Greenleaf Music Podcast

ANFTD #88: Manuel Valera

ANFTD #87: Melissa Aldana

ANFTD #86: Emi Makabe


Mareike Wiening - Live at Bird’s Eye Basel

We’ve just launched a new live EP by drummer and composer Mareike Wiening!

Live at Bird’s Eye Basel was recorded at Bird’s Eye Basel in Switzerland in during a European tour supporting the release of Mareike’s debut album, Metropolis Paradise. The four track set features all original compositions performed by her seasoned touring band featuring saxophonist Rich Perry, guitarist Alex Goodman, pianist Glenn Zaleski, and bassist Johannes Felscher.

Listen / Download


Hudson Solos - Music for Solo Trumpet(s)

Since the shutdown on travel began, almost every day I get to visit the Hudson River. I get to see it in all kinds of weather. Usually I’m thinking about the music I will be making that day. Sometimes I think through other projects in collaborations with musicians around the globe.

One thing I have never done is a solo trumpet project. Trumpet alone.