About Greenleaf Music

Hi, this is Dave Douglas writing. Welcome to our ABOUT US page.

After recording for wonderful independent labels, followed by five years and seven recording projects on a major label, I decided to create my own music company, Greenleaf Music. Greenleaf is a name that runs back a couple centuries in my family history. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend Michael Friedman, who runs Premonition. He talked me into this, and I am grateful for that. Greenleaf has become, over the years, an umbrella company for everything that I do, including supporting and promoting the careers of artists whose work I believe in.

In 2005 Greenleaf released our first production, Mountain Passages, a piece that was recorded to honor my father, Damon Greenleaf Douglas. He was the person, more than anyone else, who got me started and kept me going in music.

In the years since, we’ve made over 60 productions, including all of my major recorded projects: Quintets, Big Bands, Large Ensembles, Electric Groups, Chamber Music, and Experimental Projects. Greenleaf has also allowed me to record exclusive-to-subscribers projects in which I can release one track a month in an unfolding series.

Greenleaf has created recordings for artists like Kneebody (with Shane Endsley, Ben Wendel, Adam Benjamin, Kaveh Rastegar, and Nate Wood), Nicole Mitchell, Donny McCaslin, Linda May Han Oh, Rudy Royston, Ryan Keberle, Greg Ward, Michael Bates, and Curtis Robert MacDonald.


Since 2013, Greenleaf has produced a podcast, A Noise From The Deep, which features interviews with some of the era’s most creative and insightful musicians. The podcast is a free recorded series which you can get at our web site, iTunes, Sticher, or wherever you get your podcasts. I produce these podcasts out of the joy of learning about the creative process. There is currently no advertising sponsorship for this project. It’s pure music.