Kazemde George’s ‘I Insist’ featured in WBGO’s ‘Take Five’

This week’s WBGO’s new release piece features the title track from Kazemde George‘s upcoming album, I Insist!

Editorial Director Nate Chinen has the following to say about the record:

Kazemde George is a tenor saxophonist, composer and scholar presently poised for a breakthrough with the jazz public. The engine of this momentum is I Insist, his soulful new debut on Greenleaf Music, which combines an easy grasp of melody and a swinging foundation with some jostling ideas about cultural identity in the Black diaspora. (George’s father hails from Guyana, and his mother is Jamaican; he grew up in Berkeley and attended Harvard and the New England Conservatory before landing in Brooklyn.) There’s a declarative political thrust to the album, whose title invokes Max Roach’s We Insist! Freedom Now Suite — but as you see in this live version of the title track, George and his sharp young band are enfolding their insistence in an appealing groove.

Read the full piece here. The album is available to stream and pre-order here. The album releases on Friday, October 22nd.