New David Sanford Big Band single “V-Reel” out now

We’re releasing a new single from A Prayer For Lester Bowie, the upcoming album from the David Sanford Big Band.

V-Reel” is a sonic exploration that is both funky and freaky. Inspired by Funkadelic’s “Super Stupid” and Bob Graettinger’s City of Glass, this track grooves from start to finish, but with a host of dark and crunchy sounds along the way. Featuring dynamic ensemble writing and standout solos by pianist Geoff Burleson, saxophonist Ted Levine, and trombonist Ben Herrington. As the piece took shape, a number of techniques were deployed including serialism, polytonality, a five-part sax soli, and a cantus firmus; and a number of quotations and other influences found their way in.

Check out the full track in the Youtube video below or stream it on Bandcamp as well as other streaming platforms here. If you’re a Greenleaf subscriber, you now have three tracks in your feed and you’ll be able to stream and download the entire album beginning on release day, September 24th.

Pre-order the album now on iTunes, and Amazon and get three singles now.