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Terry Winters, TW078, Untitled (Page), 2011, Graphite on paper

Here is some news from Greenleaf Music director Dave Douglas:

Last few months been working on a new piece for chamber orchestra — the wonderful Alarm Will Sound invited me and will play it. Sixteen musicians and conductor. It’s inspired by the drawings of Terry Winters and revolves around unexpected overlaps and collisions in the display of his work. Shapes taken from science and nature and radically personalized. Never wrote anything quite this way before. The panels are groups of material that can operate flexibly within and without four member teams within the band. It will literally be radically different in each performance. Conductor Alan Pierson will be officiating.

The first reading was on Sunday. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Official premiere is in May 2019.

Thanks to The Drawing Center for the image.

WBGO features new UPLIFT track

Nate Chinen profiles Sharing a Small Planet, the August track from our UPLIFT Subscriber Series:

At the beginning of this year, Dave Douglas began releasing a series of tracks from a special-edition album called UPLIFT: Twelve Pieces for Positive Action in 2018. The project, available only by subscription through Greenleaf Music, puts the trumpeter in excellent company: saxophonist Joe Lovano, guitarists Mary Halvorson and Julian Lage, bassist Bill Laswell and drummer and percussionist Ian Chang. Last week, Douglas and his label posted a free alternate take of "Sharing a Small Planet."

With a heraldic horn line over a pummeling drone, it's one answer to a question few have thought to ask: What would it sound like if Dave Douglas decided to make a surf-punk tune? Lage and Halvorson work in a gnarly tandem here, and Laswell brings deep gravity to his role. Along the way, Lovano delivers a smartly garrulous solo, and Douglas brings the fire. This is a song about the conservation of our natural resources, and there's no question that its urgency is a reflection of activist umbrage. On his website, Douglas notes that this month he and Greenleaf will be supporting the Peace Corps. "We need to educate ourselves so we can coexist on this planet," he writes. "No single nation can 'go it alone.'"

Preview all of the music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Click here to learn more about the UPLIFT Subscriber Series.

Greenleaf Subscribers can stream and download Sharing a Small Planet on Bandcamp along with all of the tracks from the UPLIFT series.

If you’d like to join us a subscriber, visit our Bandcamp subscription page here.

Dave's notes from the road: Augsburg

Gartenamade Hubert posted this picture of me and Joe from Augsburg. It’s been such a pleasure learning and sharing music from this man. Honored to share leadership of this group, Sound Prints, and to continue exploring and finding new sounds every night. Joe’s deep knowledge and expressiveness, as well as his openness to new things, is a constant source or inspiration and enlightenment. And an absolute delight. Tour concludes in Avignon on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who came to hear and said hello. Hope you are enjoying those green vinyl 7” discs!


Listen to UPLIFT excerpts free: Dave Douglas with Bill Laswell, Joe Lovano, Mary Halvorson, Julian Lage and Ian Chang

Hear excerpts from UPLIFT, our 2018 subscriber series, on SoundCloud.

Twelve pieces for positive action in 2018 features new compositions by Dave Douglas with an ensemble that features Joe Lovano, Mary Halvorson, Julian Lage, Bill Laswell, and Ian Chang.

The entire series, which is available exclusively for Greenleaf subscribers, includes twelve tracks that we're releasing monthly.

You can preview the first seven tracks now on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Join us as a subscriber to hear the complete series and stream / download our entire catalogue plus more than 15 hours of exclusive content.

On Pebble Street vinyl available now!

We've got On Pebble Street 45s from Sound Prints on sale in our store!

After being exclusive to Record Store Day as a featured release, we're now offering the emerald green vinyl from our Bandcamp store here.

The On Pebble Street release features two additional tracks not included on the group’s recent CD release, Scandal.

Grab a copy of this special edition item now and play on your stereo or retro juke box!

And if you prefer, digital downloads are also available from Bandcamp and iTunes. You can also stream it on Apple Music and Spotify.

As always, Greenleaf subscribers have access to this audio on their Bandcamp feed. Join us now to get this material and much more!

Preview our 2018 exclusive subscription series on Bandcamp

Check out excerpts from UPLIFT now!

Our 2018 subscriber series features new music by Dave Douglas with an ensemble that features Joe Lovano, Mary Halvorson, Julian Lage, Bill Laswell, and Ian Chang.

Twelve pieces for positive action in 2018 is being rolled out with a new track each month that addresses a different social issue of our time.

The entire series is available exclusively for Greenleaf subscribers, but we're offering a preview of the series!

Check out excerpts now on Bandcamp including the entire first track!

We hope you like the music and that you'll join us as a subscriber!

Sound Prints summer European tour

Sound Prints is touring Europe July 27 - August 5!

Co-led by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas, the group released their second album, Scandal, in April.

This tour celebrates the release of the new vinyl 45, On Pebble Street. The 7" disc features two unreleased tracks from the Scandal session and comes in emerald green. Originally released exclusively for Record Store Day, this recording is available from us now digitally. And you can order vinyl copies from us starting July 21!

For these dates, guest bassist Yasushi Nakamura will be joining pianist Lawrence Fields and drummer Joey Baron.

Check out the tour dates below and we hope to see you out there!


07.27 Langnau, Switzerland | Langnau Jazz Nights | Details
07.28 Marciac, France |  Jazz in Marciac | Details
08.01 Augsburg, Germany | Augsburger Jazzsommer | Details
08.03 Gouvey, Belgium | Ferme Madelonne | Details
08.05 Avignon, France | Avignon Jazz Festival | Details

Scandal is available now via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.
On Pebble Street is available now via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Digital On Pebble Street available now!

On Pebble Street from Sound Prints is available to download and stream now!

Originally offered as an exclusive release for Record Store Day in April, this two track vinyl 45 release is now available in digital format.

Download via Bandcamp and iTunes. Stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

This release features two additional tracks not included on the group’s sophomore album, Scandal. The 'A Side' is a new Lovano original and the 'B side' is an alternate take on the album’s title track written by Douglas.

Current subscribers now have access to this audio on their Bandcamp feed. Join us now to get this material and much more!

And we'll have vinyl copies (emerald green!) available in July.

Greenleaf supports We Have Voice Code of Conduct

We Have Voice is a collective that has come together to work for positive change in the performing arts. Consisting of Fay Victor, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Imani Uzuri, Jen Shyu, Kavita Shah, Linda May Han Oh, María Grand, Nicole Mitchell, Okkyung Lee, Rajna Swaminathan, Sara Serpa, Tamar Sella, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Tia Fuller, the group:

is a collective of musicians, performers, scholars, and thinkers from different generations, races, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, gender identities, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs and affiliations. Together, they are determined to engage in transformative ways of thinking and being in their creative professional world, while being ingrained in an inclusive and intersectional analysis.

Learn more about the collective on their website and via profiles from NPR and the New York Times.

This week they released a Code of Conduct to Promote SAFE(R) Workplaces in the Performing Arts which NPR's Michelle Mercer describes as, "an aspirational document that helps define sexual harassment and consent for the unusual workplaces and unique circumstances of the performing arts, offering clarity and tools for anyone who witnesses or experiences harassment."

Greenleaf Music is proud to support the Code of Conduct in all of the work that we do.

We hope you'll work to implement it in your community.

Please consider getting involved and supporting their efforts. We can all work towards positive change.

Where to get On Pebble Street on Record Store Day

If you're looking to grab a copy of the limited edition Sound Prints 7″ vinyl 45 'On Pebble Street' on Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21st, we're here to help!

First of all, check out the details on the disc on the Record Store Day website here.

Call your local record shop or check here to find participating stores.

Since Record Store Day only has 300 copies available, only those shops that ordered copies will have them in stock. And they often have limited stock, so check ahead before you head out!

To assist with the search, we've got a list of stores that have ordered the record below.

Happy hunting and thanks for supporting recorded music!

United States

Chicago, IL - Dusty Groove
Springfield, IL - Dumb Records
New York, NY - Jazz Record Center
Austin, TX - Waterloo Records
San Francisco, CA - Amoeba
Sacramento, CA- Dimple
Duluth, MN - Electric Fetus


Montréal, QC - Aux 33 Tours
Montréal, QC - Fréquences Le Disquaire


London, UK - Rough Trade
Kingston, UK - Banquet Records
Finland - Jet Set Records
Denmark -


Disk Union
Jet Set Records

New Sound Prints 45 available on Record Store Day!

Record Store Day is an international celebration of record stores that takes place tomorrow, Saturday, April 21.

They are offering “On Pebble Street,” a limited edition Sound Prints 7″ vinyl 45!

The disc features two new tracks that were recorded during the session for the group's recent release, Scandal, and comes on in a groovy emerald green color. Side A is the title track, composed by Joe Lovano, while the B Side is alternate take of "Scandal" composed by Dave Douglas. The disc comes with a download card as well.

Check out the details on the Record Store Day website. You can also find a full list of releases here.

Call your local record shop or check here to find participating stores.

We've put together a list of outlets that have order the disc. Check here for details.