BANDCAMP PRE-ORDER: Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes ‘Home’

Today we’re launching the Bandcamp pre-order for Home, the debut album from vocalist Song Yi Jeon & guitarist Vinicius Gomes!

The album will be released on November 18th and will feature original pieces from both artists that are inspired by significant family members, as well as unique interpretations of songs by composers that reflect their diverse backgrounds including Carlos Aguirre, Dominguinhos, Keith Jarrett, and Jimmy Rowles.

Check out the full album details below and watch for the first single to be released next Tuesday, September 13th.

Album Details:

Liner Notes:

In today’s polarized world we live in, people seem to be drifting further away from each other everyday. Isolating themselves in their “bubbles”, avoiding the inevitable reflection on how to reconcile their cultural, social and ideological differences, we are instead deepening the abyss that divides society in so many ways and weakens our ability to achieve dialogue.

The music on this record is exactly the opposite of that. Its strength comes from the meeting of two people from completely different cultures / backgrounds / life stories that demonstrate that even if you’re coming from practically opposite directions, you can still meet at a common point. In our case one that manifests itself in the way we interpret each other’s compositions, in how we interact and improvise together, and in the shared aesthetic sense that makes us gravitate toward pieces by other composers we explore.

The journey documented here has helped us identify the many meanings of the word “Home” as the identity we carry wherever we are: our values, our story, our past, present and future. We hope the listener will join us on this journey and be inspired to look for the common points we all share, and reflect on their own take on what “Home” is.
-Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes

Track Details:

1. Eleven Houses
2. Dancing Stars
3. Prism
4. Expecting Spring
5. Albany
6. Milonga Gris
7. Flow
8. A Lonesome Place
9. A Timeless Place
10. Nilopolitano


Song Yi Jeon, voice
Vinicius Gomes, guitar

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Dave Douglas
Producer: Song Yi Jeon and Vinicius Gomes

Recorded at Jazzcampus Studio (Basel – Switzerland) in January 2020
Recording engineered by Patrick Zosso except Nilopolitano, engineered by Roland Baumann
Assisted by Daniel Somaroo
Mixing and mastering engineer: Thiago Monteiro
Graphic design: Boyeon Choi

Eleven Houses, Albany, and Flow composed by Vinicius Gomes (Vinicius Gomes Publishing / BMI)
Dancing Stars, Expecting Spring, and A Lonesome Place composed by Song Yi Jeon (Song Yi Jeon / SUISA)
Prism composed by Keith Jarrett (Cavelight Music / BMI)
Milonga Gris composed by Carlos Aguirre (SADAIC)
A Timeless Place composed by Jimmy Rowles with lyrics by Norma Winstone (Kudo Music Company)
Nilopolitano composed by Dominguinhos (Universal Publishing Ltd.)