Webber/Morris Big Band’s ‘Both Are True’ named to Bandcamp ‘Best of 2020’ list

The debut album from the Webber/Morris Big Band have been named as one of the “Best Jazz Albums of 2020” by the Bandcamp Daily!

Dave Sumner, who featured Both Are True back in May, says of the album:

“Angela Morris’ and Anna Webber’s big band is a chameleon. It’s a clear product of the modern scene, but the music is struck through with the unmistakable sense of big bands past. That balance between something old and something new gives the music a malleable sound that becomes whatever the listener is looking for. The ability to present something cutting edge, while still appealing to those who are simply want “more of the good stuff” is a difficult needle to thread. It’s by doing exactly that, however, that Morris and Webber made the big band album of the year.”

Read the full piece here. Order the album on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and more here.