Bandcamp features ‘Both Are True’ by the Webber / Morris Big Band

Bandcamp has chosen the Webber/Morris Big Band‘s debut album Both Are True by as one of the best releases of April.

As part of his column The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: April 2020, Dave Sumner says:

“The way in which Angela Morris and Anna Webber marry the strange and familiar is fascinating. The tenor saxophonists’ big band sounds just as enthusiastic weaving thick strands of dissonance into a piece as they do when they’re unleashing huge harmonic pronouncements. There are times on Both Are True that the sound recalls an avant-garde production—or, perhaps, a particularly musical sandstorm. The expressions may become alien and threatening, but that dissonance just serves as the logical segue into the harmonic tides and wide-horizon melodies typical of big band jazz. This fluid exchange between the unusual and conventional is endlessly appealing.”

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You can order the album here.