‘Both Are True’ by the Webber / Morris Big Band reviewed by PopMatters

Thanks to PopMatters for reviewing Both Are True, the debut album from the Webber/Morris Big Band.

Writer Will Layman, always thoughtful and thorough in his reviews, says of the album:

“The music here is a triumph, suggesting again that creativity is served most fully when barriers to access and involvement fall and stay down. The barriers busted by Both Are True are stylistic and mental. Here is a jazz band that is tightly arranged and gorgeously free, a new music ensemble that improvises and plays with precision, a complex modern idiom rendered with scuffed-up life. Soon, I suspect this kind of thing will be increasingly common, and new-century musicians innovate and incorporate diversity with more and more sense of fun.

But, right now, at least, the Webber/Morris Big Band jumps out like a joy.”

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