WBGO premieres a track from Dave Douglas ‘Marching Music’

WBGO is premiering a track from Dave Douglas Marching Music!

As part the station’s weekly ‘Take Five’ piece on significant new releases, Nate Chinen features the track “Fair Fight” and calls it:

“the obvious track to promote this week — a reminder that impartiality and integrity are critical to the election process, and an implicit critique of any person who would seek to sow doubts for political gain.”

Read the full piece here.

The suite of ten new compositions by Dave Douglas is being releasing as a special premium release only from Greenleaf Music.

Available this Friday, you can pre-order the album (CD and digital) here. You can also get this music by subscribing now. Greenleaf subscribers have this the entire album as part of their Bandcamp collection and all current Tier 2 and 3 subscribers will get a CD copy as their annual subscription renews.