It’s release day for Emi Makabe’s ‘Anniversary’

Today we release the debut album from Emi Makabe!

Dave Douglas: “It’s a great pleasure to introduce a great artist who you may not know. Emi Makabe’s music really struck me when I first heard it. Original, fresh, organic, and deeply rooted within several traditions. We’re releasing Anniversary today. I’m confident you will love it as much as I do.”

The record features Emi on vocals and shamisen alongside a trio of New York jazz virtuosos: Thomas Morgan on bass, Vitor Gonçalves on piano/accordion and Kenny Wollesen on drums/vibraphone. The album presents Emi’s original songs – sung in English, Japanese and wordless vocalese – in airy, artful arrangements, with improvisation naturally part of the mix.

You can order the CD and / or digital via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. Bandcamp purchasers get a bonus track – an alternate take of the title track featuring the full band.

And subscribers can stream and download the entire album as part of their Bandcamp collection. Join us to gain access to our entire collection.