Listen to the title track from Emi Makabe’s ‘Anniversary’

It’s release day for the third single from vocalist and shamisen player Emi Makabe!

The song is the title track from Emi’s upcoming album Anniversary, and it is a beautiful duet with her husband, bassist Thomas Morgan. Emi says:

I wrote the song for my beloved partner on our anniversary day, which makes it a significant song for me. As said in the lyrics, it feels like he is always away; we are separated almost half the year. I just described my feelings directly. Whenever I miss him, I sing this song. I made this song very simply and call it my “standard”. It isn’t always a duet piece. I usually play it with a band, but on this record I featured Thomas’ bass playing. You can hear his warm and sincere bass sound.

You can stream the third single at various outlets here. And check out the excerpt video below.

Get three tracks right away when you pre-order the album on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. The full album will be released on October 30th.