Dave Douglas Marching Music featured in WBGO’s Take Five

WBGO is featuring “Marching Music,” a track from Marching Music, the new Subscriber Series from Dave Douglas.

In today’s Take Five feature on newly releaseed music, Nate Chinen says:

Trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas has a history of progressive activism, which he has ramped up for our troubled age. Marching Musica new offering through Greenleaf Music’s subscription series, builds on the same intention as ENGAGE (2019) and UPLIFT (2018), which are both worth seeking out. This album puts Douglas in dialogue with several staunchly creative partners: guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, bassist Melvin Gibbs and drummer Sim Cain.

On “Climate Strike” — a nod to the series of global actions organized last fall — they attack a sinuous groove with full fervor. “I conceived of these pieces as music you could have in your headphones when you attend Climate Marches, Demonstrations for Equal Rights, Voting Rights Movements, and all other actions towards a just society,” Douglas writes in a note accompanying the album. At the same time, this music feels soulful and affirmative; check out the killer groove beneath Bhatia’s incisive solo, which begins just before the three-minute mark.

You can read the full piece here.to read the entire piece and check out some great new music!

Learn more about Marching Music here. The entire album is available for streaming and downloading the entire album on Bandcamp. by Greenleaf subscribers.

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