Check out “Safe Space” from Dave Douglas Marching Music

Today we’re featuring a new track from, Marching Music, our 2020 Subscribers Series.

The series, which was launched back in February, includes ten new compositions by Dave Douglas played by a new quartet that includes guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer Sim Cain.

Dave wrote the music to inspire those working for societal change:

I conceived of these pieces as music you could have in your headphones when you attend Climate Marches, Demonstrations for Equal Rights, Voting Rights Movements, and all other actions towards a just society. Also, it’s music to spur all of us to go and vote in November 2020 in incontrovertible numbers. Non-voters are among the biggest voting blocs in the U.S. This is the moment when everyone has to step up an be a part of what our nation truly is. We can do it. May this music help and inspire you. I am optimistic and believe that we can make change, but we have to all be involved and engaged.

Subscribers can stream and download the entire album on Bandcamp. We’ll be releasing the music on CD on November 6.

Here’s an excerpt video featuring images from the recording session by Anna Yatskevich:

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