Marching Music: New Music from Dave Douglas for Subscribers

Announcing Dave Douglas’s new piece for Greenleaf’s subscriber series: Marching Music.

Featuring ten new Douglas compositions, Marching Music is music to protest by. Douglas says of this new music:

Here’s a new suite of compositions for our moment. I conceived of these pieces as music you could have in your headphones when you attend Climate Marches, Demonstrations for Equal Rights, Voting Rights Movements, and all other actions towards a just society. Also, it’s music to spur all of us to go and vote in November 2020 in incontrovertible numbers. Non-voters are among the biggest voting blocs in the U.S. This is the moment when everyone has to step up an be a part of what our nation truly is. We can do it. May this music help and inspire you. I am optimistic and believe that we can make change, but we have to all be involved and engaged.

Read more about the series here. Subscribers can stream and download the entire album on Bandcamp.

The ensemble came together for a debut performance at NYC’s NuBlu 151 club in November 2019 featuring guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer Sim Cain. The group then recorded the entire series of music in the studio the following month.

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Dave Douglas
, trumpet
Rafiq Bhatia, guitar
Melvin Gibbs, bass
Sim Cain, drums

Production credits:
Producer: Dave Douglas
Recorded on December 10, 2019 at Bridge Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler McDiarmid
Assistant Engineer: Urosh Jovanovich
Photography by Anna Yatskevich and Robert Sutherland-Cohen
Graphics by Lukas Frei