Stereogum features Dave Douglas ‘Marching Music’

Stereogum is featuring Dave Douglas’ new album Marching Music! in their ‘The Month in Jazz’ column.

Writer Phil Freeman shows his love for the Rollins Band:

Cain’s face-slapping, polyrhythmic backbeat is back like it never left, and Gibbs’ bass is a huge post-metal throb. On “Safe Space,” they set up the same kind of simmering groove they had on “Liar” all those years ago, and the muted trumpet and wavering haze of heavily effected guitar are the perfect counterbalance to the moodiness.

Read the full piece here.

This suite of ten new Dave Douglas compositions featuring Rafiq Bhatia, Melvin Gibbs, and Sim Cain was released exclusively to subscribers in February, and was released in November as a special premium release on Bandcamp. Order the album on CD and / or digital here.