Manuel Valera’s José Martí En Nueva York available now

It’s release day for the debut album from Manuel Valera’s New Cuban Express Big Band!

José Martí En Nueva York is available now in digital and CD formats. The album features a seven part suite of music based on the poetry of famed Cuban writer José Martí set for two wonderful vocalists, Sofia Rei and Camila Meza, along with a stellar band of New York improvisers who bring Valera’s vision to life.

The band includes trumpeters John Walsh, Brian Pareschi, Michael Rodriguez, David Smith, and Alex Norris; saxophonists Michael Thomas, Roman Filiu, Joel Frahm, Charles Pillow, and Andrew Gutauskas; trombonists Matt McDonall, John Yao, Andy Clausen, and Jeff Nelson; guitarist Alex Goodman; bassist Ricky Rodriguez; drummer Jimmy Macbride; and percussionists Samuel Torres and Mauricio Herrera.

Produced by Kabir Sehgal and Doug Davis, the album is modern big band jazz with a message. Born out of the crisis of Valera’s loss of his wife to cancer last year, Jose Marti en Nueva York is a personal cry for freedom, justice, and an expression of passion.

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