Thank You & Happy Holidays!

THANK YOU for listening to our 2023 gathering of great new music recordings, as well as continuing to dig into our back catalog, going back to 2005. Lots of music there. A lot of it is mine and it is music I am proud of and plan to continue making.

Greenleaf is grateful to our subscribers, who help sustain the music we produce for the catalog, but also all the related projects that I produce for free. The podcasts, the info, the videos and interviews. The whole company is a labor of love, love for the music, and love for the community.

Thanks to each and every artist who works with us. Thanks to each and every listener. And thanks to all you new listeners who are discovering our message for the first time.

Greenleaf Music, a small and determined umbrella company, for all things music. Come say hello when you can. We all appreciate it.

Best wishes for 2024.

2023 Releases:
• Dave Douglas & Elan Mehler – If There Are Mountains
• Rudy Royston – DAY
• Kaisa’s Machine – Taking Shape
• Christian Dillingham – Cascades
• Itamar Borochov – Arba
• Mareike Wiening – Reveal