Happy Holidays

Thanks to our community and best wishes for Happy Holidays and New Year.

Dave Douglas here, personally grateful to you for joining us and sharing the music. I truly love this work, we live for the music and the music lives for us. We’ll continue to bring it in the new year with plenty of new artistic productions.

We couldn’t do it without you and your ears. Thanks for helping us spread the word and continue to document some of the music we love most.

Look out for the new subscription recording of my new group, ENGAGE, with Jeff Parker, Tomeka Reid, Anna Webber, Nick Dunston, and Kate Gentile. With special guest trumpeters Riley Mulherkar and Dave Adewumi. It’s a follow up to UPLIFT, continuing to put our good vibes, energy and resources into supporting positive social change in this complex era. This is our lane.

Thank you thank you thank you.
And my warmest wishes.