PopMatters reviews Dave Douglas ‘Marching Music’

PopMatters reviewed Dave Douglas’ recent album Marching Music in their piece, 20 Jazz Albums You Might Have Missed in 2020.

Columnist Will Layman:

The music here is a mixture of heavy and luminescent, with grooves and atmospheres sharing space, with engaging melodies (“Whose Streets”) and sonic exploration (“Safe Space”) in balance, Bhatia’s control and massive range of tones are astonishing, and Cain handles both color and odd time signatures with aplomb. Douglas’ notes tell us the music should be a soundtrack to protests and social change, Still, a tune like “Climate Strike” is Emma Goldman-esque – optimistic and dancing, qualities necessary for any revolution.

Marching Music is available exclusively in our Bandcamp store and features Rafiq Bhatia, Melvin Gibbs, and Sim Cain.