NEW SINGLE: Nilopolitano

We’ve released a new single from Home, the upcoming album from Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes.

“Nilopolitano” is the third single from the duo, and it’s a virtuosic piece from the Forró repertoire of Northern Brazil written by Dominguinhos.

Pre-order now or listen here. With the pre-order, you get this track, and the first two singles, immediately in advance of the album release on November 18th.

A joyfully upbeat tune that was originally intended for accordion, “Nilopolitano” gets a fresh rendering as the wordless vocals and guitar double the highly technical melody in a dazzling display of bravura. The improvisation sees the duo pull off a high wire act of interactive push and pull that entices and excites. This is fiery music, inspired by the past and pushing towards the future. Incredible artistry from this dynamic duo.

Check it out through the video below: