We’ve released a new single from Home, the upcoming album from Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes.

The second single from this voice / guitar duo is “Albany,” a moody piece written by Vinicius Gomes about the acceptance of life cycles and learning we have much less control over the flow of events in life than first thought. The tune is song-like, intimate, and has slow melodic shifts that keep it feeling familiar and unfolding at the same time.

Pre-order now or listen here. With the pre-order, you get this track and the first single, “Dancing Stars”, immediately in advance of the album release on November 18th.

Song Yi’s wordless vocalization of the melody is laser sharp, yet pensive and contemplative. And her virtuosic improvisation is a slow burn, a wonderful building of intensity that climaxes before the guitar leads the duo back to a return of the original melody.

Check it out through the video below: