NEW SINGLE: Dancing Stars

We’re launching the first single from Home, the upcoming album from Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes.

The first single is “Dancing Stars”. Written by Song Yi after the recent passing of her mother – who spoke of the connection between the matter that comprises both stars and humans – the constant busy movement of guitar notes dances above the peaceful floating voice. The music is intricate and shifting, but the mood is uplifting! After the melody, the wordless vocal explores the space, demonstrating incredible range and depth of feeling. The guitar improvisation starts with groovy chords and jumps to silky single lines before we hear a recap of the middle melody. The duo demonstrates a wonderful cohesiveness as they take on some challenging music!

Pre-order now or listen here. With the pre-order, you get this track immediately in advance of the album release on November 18th.

You can also listen through the video below: