Kazemde George featured in New York Times “Mini-vows” piece

Saxophonist  Kazemde George is featured in the New York Times in a piece about his recent marriage to vocalist Sami Stevens, who appears on the upcoming release I Insist.

The piece begins:

Samantha Laurense Stevens stared at Kazemde George in 2014 in a flirty way until he asked her out after one of their gospel ensemble rehearsals at the New England Conservatory of Music. Mr. George, a bit shy, got the message.

“Do you want to chill sometime?” he asked. The day after Valentine’s Day they had their first date, she said, at a “super divey bar” in Davis Square in Somerville, Mass. They also had their first kiss.

Ms. Stevens, 29, a singer-songwriter, who goes by Sami, and Mr. George, 30, a tenor saxophonist-composer, met three years earlier in a neo soul band at the New England Conservatory, from which each graduated as part of a dual degree program — she with a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance and another in psychology from Tufts and he with a master’s degree in jazz composition and a bachelor’s in neurobiology from Harvard.

“We were spending a lot of time in a social atmosphere,” she said, basically playing house parties, random clubs and tours with the band. Each was already in a relationship, and both had rigorous course loads.

You can read the full article here. Congratulations to Kazemde and Sami!