Greenleaf Artist Picks

It’s Bandcamp Friday, and today we’re focusing on sharing as much great music as possible around our community. Bandcamp Friday is the day when your music purchases make the biggest positive impact on artists and labels, because Bandcamp waives their platform fees on sales.

In case you missed it, we asked our team last week to highlight their choice albums from the Greenleaf catalog.

We’ve now done this for our artists too! Three artists wrote back with three picks each: one album released on Greenleaf, and two from any label.

The results are diverse, fascinating, and enjoyable listens all around! Here they are:

Recommendations by SONG YI JEON & VINICIUS GOMES
Greenleaf Music:
• Marieke Wiening – Future Memories
• Soojin Suh & Baum Sae – Communication (Sori-e Naite Music Co.)
• Iago Fernandez – Luzada (Fresh Sound Records)

Recommendations by ANNA WEBBER & ANGELA MORRIS
Greenleaf Music:
• Matt Ulery’s Loom – Wake an Echo
• Vicente H. Atria’s Orlando Furioso – self-titled (Aguirre Records)
• Secret People – self-titled (Out Of Your Head Records)

Recommendations by MAREIKE WIENING:
Greenleaf Music:
• Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes – Home
• Marta Sanchez Quintet – El Rayo de Luz (Fresh Sound New Talent)
• Noa Fort – Everyday Actions (ears&eyes Records)

Bandcamp Friday ends tonight, December 2, 2022 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Your purchases support artists more than ever on these days as Bandcamp waives their platform fees. Thank you for engaging with our music!