Song Yi Jeon chosen as Protégée for Rolex Arts Programme

We’re excited to hear that vocalist Song Yi Jeon was chosen to take part in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative for 2023-24!

Song Yi will receive mentorship from vocalist Dianne Reeves. While other protégés were named in architecture, film, literature, and visual arts, she is the sole music protégée in the initiative.

According to the news release, the protégés in the Rolex Arts Programme are “younger artists of outstanding accomplishment from across the world” who “will spend the next two years in creative collaboration” with their mentors.

Song Yi Jeon & Dianne Reeves for Rolex Arts
Dianne Reeves & Song Yi Jeon. Photo: Rolex/Bart Michiels

The pre-order for Song Yi’s upcoming album with Vinicius Gomes, Home, is available now; pre-order / listen here to the first single, “Dancing Stars”.