Four stars from Stereophile for Sound Prints ‘Other Worlds’

The audiophile outlet Stereophile has reviewed Other Worlds from Sound Prints!

Writer Fred Kaplan, who has an ear for audio quality and musical merit, gives the album four stars for “Sonics” and “Performance”. He says:

Lovano has long been a sinuous improviser with a husky, blues-rooted tone, taking ever-freer cues from Sonny Rollins. Douglas remains, after nearly 30 years as a leader, startlingly inventive and endlessly versatile as a player and composer. Linda May Han Oh is a remarkably fresh bassist, agile and precise. Joey Baron keeps, twists, spins around time with merry, controlled abandon. Lawrence Fields spreads out more than usual on piano, adding new layers of rhythm to a polyrhythmic unit.

The piece isn’t available online, but you can check out the Stereophile website here.

Other Worlds is available for purchase here.