SUBSCRIBER SERIES // Dave Douglas – Partita No. 2

We’re releasing a new track from this year’s Subscriber Series, Hudson Solos!

The fourth piece in the series, Partita No. 2, is Dave Douglas’ interpretation of the well known composition by J. S. Bach. Here’s what Dave had to say about the piece:

Last spring I started pulling out old workbooks and practice materials. I found the edition of Bach’s Violin Sonatas and Partitas I used to work from. It’s not particularly “trumpet-istic” music. Some of it is in fact not playable at all. But I started practicing it again, just for fun and for the enjoyment of Bach’s brilliant note choices and voice leading. Then I started trying to improvise with it, at first with much trepidation, each note of mine feeling outrageously, perhaps criminally, out of place. Maybe my notes still are out of place, but I started to feel more comfortable moving in and out of the Partitas and developing some strategies. Memorizing them was part of the key, and when I was giving some Zoom performances for subscribers to Greenleaf, I decided to brave an actual performance. So this is a small part of Partita No 2 for violin, played on trumpet with many digressions and explorations. It’s a process I hope to revisit even after we are all back in our known habitat.

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And check out the excerpt video of the piece below. Enjoy!