2021 Subscriber Series

Music for Solo Trumpet(s)

Featuring a series of solo trumpet pieces written and performed by Dave Douglas.

Individual tracks will be released throughout 2021.

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Since the shutdown on travel began, almost every day I get to visit the Hudson River. I get to see it in all kinds of weather. Usually I’m thinking about the music I will be making that day. Sometimes I think through other projects in collaborations with musicians around the globe.

One thing I have never done is a solo trumpet project. Trumpet alone. I’ve played solo concerts a few times. It’s daunting on the trumpet because of the physical challenges of the instrument. I am grateful to Deanna Relyea of Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor for suggesting I produce an online solo trumpet concert for this venue, which I love and have visited so many times.

This is the collection of pieces, some created for that concert, some recorded subsequently. Some are tied directly to thoughts about the river. Some are in appreciation of my heroes. I hope to bring these to a live stage at some point in the future! It was an enlightening process to develop them and I hope they bring the listener peace.

Before the 16th century, the Hudson was called the Muhheakantuck (some questions as to spelling) by the Lenape, the original inhabitants of this land. The name means “river that flows two ways.” In making this music I bow to the former stewards of this area, and honor the spirits that still animate this endlessly changing land its waters.

– Dave

Track Listing (so far…):

1. Fish
2. Let Your Ears Be Attentive
3. For Baikida
4. Partita No. 2


Dave Douglas, trumpet(s)

Production Credits:

Performed and shot in New York State by Dave Douglas from September – December, 2020
Mixed and mastered by Geoff Countryman
Audio and video edited by Mike Ardagh
All compositions by Dave Douglas (Dave Douglas Music / BMI)
except Partita No. 2 by J.S. Bach