All the Best in 2022

As another year comes to a close, Dave Douglas and the team at Greenleaf have some gratitude we’d like to express.

What a whirlwind of a year. We’ve gotten back to work. We thought things would be smoother by now. We have a ways to go. Onward! Grateful to have been out performing again, and to be making and playing new music!

Greenleaf Music kept up the productivity and the new music. I am exceedingly proud of that. I am proud of all the artists. I am proud of all the staff and visionary folks who work with us.

Grateful to Bandcamp (and not just for Fridays), to Redeye Worldwide, and to our partners all around the globe.

Here’s a list of our 2021 releases:
• Mareike Wiening – Live at Bird’s Eye Basel (February)
• Dave Douglas – The Dream: Monash Sessions (March)
• Dave Douglas – Overcome (April)
• Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Other Worlds (May)
• David Sanford Big Band ft. Hugh Ragin – A Prayer for Lester Bowie (September)
• Kazemde George – I Insist (October)
• Mareike Wiening – Future Memories (November)
• Dave Douglas – Hudson Solos (December)

Our podcast continued with the following guests in 2021:
87 Melissa Aldana
88 Manuel Valera
89 Jeremy Pelt
90 Joel Ross
91 Jeff Caltabiano and the Sonny Rollins Bridge Project
92 Dave Douglas (short update)
93 Dayna Stephens
94 David Sanford
95 Yazz Ahmed (FONT master class)
96 Sound Prints WBGO Listening Party (Nate Chinen, Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, Lawrence Fields, Joey Baron)
97 Kazemde George & Sami Stevens

Plus! 7 extras conversations with artists for subscribers on Bandcamp.

In 2021 I was able to produce these Sheet Music releases:
Dave Douglas – Charms of the Night Sky
Dave Douglas – The Infinite

Much more to come in 2022, including new artist signings, more vinyl, and very special releases from my pen, including the Secular Psalms commissioned by the city of Gent, Belgium.

Thank you for your support. We count on members to join us and sustain all our creations. If you are not a subscriber, now is a great time to join up.

My personal best wishes to all for the ending of this year, and to new beginnings in 2022.

With warmth,