ANFTD #91: Jeff Caltabiano and the Sonny Rollins Bridge Project

Jeff Caltabiano launched the Sonny Rollins Bridge Project in 2017. The project works on adding the name Sonny Rollins to the Williamsburg Bridge, connecting Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Please sign their petition if you can. A worthy project. Jeff has also traveled the world as an itinerant music listener as well as stints working for Disaster Recovery agencies in the Virgin Islands. His work supported these communities after some of the most devastating hurricanes we have seen. Jeff buys vinyl albums from Sound Garden in Syracuse and Dusty Groove in Chicago, as well as directly from artists and labels whenever possible. We appreciate Jeff’s support and we’re thrilled to talk to him about all this!

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Subscribers can check out a bonus excerpt where Dave and Jeff discuss the the title track from “The Bridge,” Sonny Rollin’s 1962 album, his first release after his sabbatical on the Williamsburg Bridge. Listen here.

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Edited by Geoffrey Countryman.