Five stars for Sound Prints ‘Other Worlds’ in Jazz Journal!

It’s so great to see a five star review for Sound Prints Other Worlds in Jazz Journal!

Reviewer Andy Hamilton says,

Other Worlds is an album well worth exploring! Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints is a group one needs to hear and (soon, one hopes)

Lovano’s Space Exploration, Shooting Stars and The Flight make up the non-contiguous Other Worlds Suite. The first of these opens the album, beginning abstractly before developing into a driving feel for Lovano’s improvisation, followed by a powerful free solo by Linda May Han Oh. On this album, the tenorist produces some of the finest playing from him that I’ve heard. Uncannily, at some points, such as during the superb solo on Life On Earth, I’m not sure I’d have distinguished his playing from Shorter’s in a blindfold test. Lawrence Fields is a wonderfully crisp, fluid and lucid soloist, and the rhythm section is nonpareil. Album-of-the-year material.

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