Paste Magazine reviews Sound Prints ‘Other Worlds’

It’s great to see a feature piece in Paste Magazine featuring reviews of new albums by Charles Loyd, Vijay Iyer, and Sound Prints.

Jeffrey Himes calls these albums his “three favorite jazz albums of the year so far” and says of Other Worlds :

The music keeps moving forward with force, but there always seems to be air underneath—as if the music were able to glide until it needed another shot of propulsion. This is the influence of Lovano’s longtime collaborator, the late drummer Paul Motian, the grandmaster of rhythmic implication.

This openness in the sound evokes the empty expanses of space, where the solitude can prompt internal exploration as well as external. The arrangements often break the quintet into an unaccompanied duo or trio for more intimate dialogues. When the full roster reconvenes, the ideas from those private conversations are fleshed out into a collective consensus.

Read the full piece here.

You can purchase and stream Other Worlds is now available here.