Internets and Sustainability

An overdue link to American Music Center’s New Music Box. Wherein one reads Frank Oteri’s recent interview with Gunther Schuller, Molly Sheridan’s discussion with Cenk Ergün and Jason Treuting, and Counterstream Radio’s Make Your Own Rules: Notes on Composition from John Corigliano. These from among many valuable offerings.

Back in the day, musician Ian David Moss used to work up there. He’s now writing about arts and arts management (trust me, a more interesting topic in his hands than it sounds…) at Createquity. Here’s a link to a recent piece that’s stirring the waters:On Arts and Sustainability.

It’s worth a read, though this may give pause:

The Internet, by lowering the costs of distribution to negligible levels, has in fact democratized many aspects of participation in the arts as well as numerous other activities. But in opening up the gates to untold amateurs and semi-pros who had previously been shut out from public attention or supplemental income streams, it has simultaneously fostered an atmosphere of intense competition that makes it nearly impossible to succeed as a full-time professional.

Do you agree? And is that a good or a bad thing?