FONT of interest

Last weekend Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT) was in full force: presenting a commissioned set of pieces by Nadje Noordhuis; offering 17 trumpeters free sessions with Laurie Frink; a free ensemble master class with John McNeil and his Quartet; and concerts by eight other hard-to-categorize brass players and performers. FONT has a newly configured site that will aggregate posts about new brass music (aw, shucks, they’re aggregatin’ my solo trumpet post right now) and feature recordings and video of the recent performances.

FONT was co-founded by Roy Campbell, Jr. and myself in 2003. It’s now a nonprofit (though still all-volunteer) organization dedicated to commissioning, presenting, and disseminating new and unusual brass music of all varieties. In October FONT will continue with a series of concerts at the Jazz Standard in NYC. Cornetist Bobby Bradford will be on hand for the occasion.