‘Future Memories’ by Mareike Wiening chosen as a ‘Best Jazz on Bandcamp’ release

Future Memories by Mareike Wiening! has been chosen as ‘The Best of Jazz on Bandcamp’ for November!

In his monthly piece at the Bandcamp Daily, Dave Sumner had this to say about the music:

This straight-ahead goodness of Mareike Wiening lands in that sweet spot where colorful, ruminative music kindles plenty of warmth—and the occasional burst of intense heat. The timing of its release couldn’t be better, as it pairs perfectly with the transition between autumn and winter, when the former begins to make room for the contemplative retreat of the latter. Joining the drummer are tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, pianist Glenn Zaleski, guitarist Alex Goodman, and double bassist Johannes Felscher.

Check out the full piece here. You can purchase the album and listen here.