Stereogum features ‘Future Memories’ by Mareike Wiening as a best new release!

Stereogum has chosen Future Memories by Mareike Wiening as a best new release!

In his monthly ‘Ugly Beauty’ piece featuring new albums, Phil Freeman has the following to say about the album:

As a composer, Weining goes for mood and atmosphere more often than hard-driving rhythms; like Max Roach, she’s interested in the melodic and orchestral possibilities of percussion, preferring to ornament the music rather than keep time. The title piece is a gentle ballad, primarily a showcase for Perry, whose solo has the searching quality I associate with Wayne Shorter. Zaleski’s piano is the perfect support, and Wiening offers just enough encouragement, mostly via soft cymbal splashes, to keep it all moving.

You can read the full piece here. The record is available to purchase here. Greenleaf subscribers now have the entire album in their Bandcamp feed here. Enjoy!