All About Jazz reviews Julieta Eugenio’s ‘JUMP’

The first review for Julieta Eugenio’s debut album JUMP is in!

Writer Dan McClenaghan gives the album 3.5 stars and says:

“The disc’s opener, the Eugenio original “Efes” (in Spanish, plural for the letter ‘f’), is a tune with a sense of searching. The sound has a bit of an edge, but also a feeling of a communal spirit of acceptance of what will be, to go along with a well lubricated camaraderie with Dwonszyk and Barber, a trio which sounds as if it has played together for ten years. Here and throughout, the music has an easy-going relentlessness; everybody has found their niche, and now it is just a matter of letting it roll—-it works with music, it works with life.”

The album is available for pre-order now and will be released worldwide on March 4th.