Textura reviews Julieta Eugenio’s ‘JUMP’

Thanks to Ron Schepper for taking the time to review Julieta Eugenio‘s new album JUMP on his Textura blog.

He ends his review with the following:

In striking a democratic balance of expression, the trio’s adventurous attack calls to mind Henry Threadgill’s Air with Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall (Pheeroan Aklaff too) at its most elastic. Time and again the performances indicate how smart Eugenio was to partner with such inspiring players. Dwonszyk and Barber distinguish themselves throughout, and the leader’s polished voicings are all the more effective when powered so expertly (see the combustible heat they generate during “Raccoon Tune” and “Snowbirds,” to cite two examples). Certainly any trio that invites comparison to Air is one meriting attention.

You can read the full piece here. JUMP is available for purchase here.