NEW SINGLE: When We Are Together Again

Here’s the third single the upcoming Dave Douglas vinyl release, Overcome!

“When We Are Together” is a reflection on the challenges of pandemic isolation and looking forward to communal gathering. Vocalists Camila Meza and Fay Victor each contribute lyrics to Douglas’ slow and hopeful waltz, with Meza taking a thoughtful first verse. Douglas’ trumpet and Ryan Keberle’s trombone offer subtle underpinning, before each takes a solo round. As Meza returns with a some scatting improv, Victor joins for some encouraging musical conversation before taking an assured verse herself. This is hopeful music.

This piece has been chosen by the Music Division of the Library of Congress to be included in the Performing Arts COVID-19 Response Collection. Watch for more information about this coming soon!

And here’s the full song for your listening pleasure:

Overcome will be released as a Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl LP and on digital. Order your copy here and get three tracks right away. The album releases worldwide on June 17th.