SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: Trail of Dreams– Track 6

UPLIFT Six: Trail of Dreams

The way we treat immigrants in this country says a lot about who we are. Emma Lazarus long ago told us to open our arms and welcome everyone. Now we are in a struggle just to extend simple humanity to people who live in this country peacefully and productively — in many cases for decades — the Dreamers. One of the great hallmarks of the U.S.A. is the diversity of the people here. It’s an essential part of what has always made this country rich and vibrant, even despite the many troubling aspects of our history. In this year of activism, I feel it is only right that we also join the struggle to ensure that our nation respects and welcomes our brothers and sisters from all parts of the globe, starting right away with those who already live and work among us. On the release of this track, the 6th installment of UPLIFT, please join me in supporting Coalition of Immokalee Workers and The Center for New Americans — two of the many outstanding groups working on behalf of immigrants with support for language, documentation, family services, and housing, just a few of the many services needed on this issue. Thank you.

The composition “Trail of Dreams” was initially inspired by Katha Pollitt’s poem, “Trying To Write A Poem Against The War”.

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Joe Lovano, alto clarinet
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Julian Lage, guitar
Bill Laswell, bass
Ian Chang, drums and electronics
Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY December 2017

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