SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: A Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water – Track 7

UPLIFT Seven: A Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water

Amid all the struggles for justice, peace and equality this year, the right to health care remains one of the most persistent problems in this country. Advocating for health takes many forms, and like so many other issues, intersects with almost every aspect of life. We seem to be stuck in this argument about whether people deserve an economic, social and cultural right to a universal minimum standard of health care. As in Psalms, we see the blessed like a tree planted by the streams of water, leaves and branches prospering. We have to continue to fight for this right for everyone.

Join me in supporting PNHP: Physicians for a National Health Program — supporters of universal health care and Medicare For All. They are fighting this fight in the legislative and electoral arena. We can win there. UPLIFT will also be supporting Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives state-wide in New York. We must flip the house Red To Blue if we are going to uphold our right to health care, among so many other things. Please join me. And most important, VOTE. It is your franchise. Use it. We all need you.

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