The Beatles On iTunes

I was looking around the Apple site for a refurbished iMac yesterday and found the iTunes announcement page. I was curious as to the “Big News.” But this morning, I’m a little let down.

First, I’m a huge Beatles fan. I think most of us are to varying degrees anyway, even if we refuse to acknowledge it. But a relaunch of their catalog isn’t much in the way of “Big News.” It’s like those 30 times a year when I receive an email about yet another Bitches Brew reissue (not to mention the Miles Davis signature headphones, or Mingus-themed underwear). I get excited for a second, then realize I already have all that music.
Beatles On iTunes
But maybe this will turn a new generation onto the Beatles. Here’s hoping anyway. Say what you want about the Beatles beginnings, but from Rubber Soul on, they pretty much made flawless albums. And the pop market today would be hard-pressed to find any artist making albums with such depth, not to mention singles. Yes, yes, the Beatles are great, and hearing it so much might make it mean less and less. But it’s the truth.

I’ve seen some comments on blogs like, “What’s the big deal? No one even listens to those old guys anymore.” Obviously you’ve never heard Revolver, buddy. So for that kid, I hope the iTunes launch teaches him a thing or two. For me, I’ll drop the needle on Abbey Road this morning, and hold out for the chance to hear the unissued Carnival of Light noise pieces from 1967 that Paul refuses to release.

So Apple, what’s next?