Why we’re using Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a microsite storefront used by a lot of independent musicians to sell their music. They offer downloads in almost any format you can think of in a clean shopping cart, embeddable player widgets, and recently, the launch of new social engagement mechanisms has clearly shown how fervent the Bandcamp community is — a lot of folks say that it's the place where true music consumers go to engage with the music. And over the past few months, we've been migrating our catalog over there.

Music Morphing

Why Spotify is the best, and the worst.

Spotify raises some serious issues for artists and independent labels these days. Jim Tuerk, who works with us here at Greenleaf Music, has done a lot of thinking (and a lot of listening) around Spotify and other music services. He wrote some of his thoughts down recently and I believe Greenleaf followers will find them interesting and thought-provoking. Enjoy. —Dave Douglas

The Greenleaf Cloud Player

Introducing the Greenleaf Cloud Player. Stream the Greenleaf catalog, over 20 hrs of live sets and unreleased tracks from our Subscriber Series on the web, your mobile, and your pad.

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The Beatles On iTunes

Pro Tools 9 to launch