Pro Tools 9 to launch

I have Pro Tools. But truth be told, I’ve never dropped down the dough for the 002-3 needed to run the software. I even sold my mBox a couple years ago. Since, I’ve just relied on the generosity of my many friends who own nice recording rigs to get my work done.

I’ve always said that if Pro Tools ever came out with a software that didn’t need the expensive piece of hardware, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Well, Avid is launching Pro Tools 9 tomorrow which does just that. Of all the new features, it’s really just the benefit of using no hardware–or any hardware you choose–that’s really cool. For me anyway.

As I started frothing at the mouth thinking about how much editing I could do in the comfort of my own home without dropping a lot of money on a rig, a friend convinced me to wait a minute before ordering in hopes some further deals will follow. Here’s hoping.

Anyone who grabs this new software, your comments are very welcome.