Why we’re using Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a microsite storefront used by a lot of independent musicians to sell their music. They offer downloads in almost any format you can think of in a clean shopping cart, embeddable player widgets, and recently, the launch of new social engagement mechanisms has clearly shown how fervent the Bandcamp community is — a lot of folks say that it’s the place where true music consumers go to engage with the music. And over the past few months, we’ve been migrating our catalog over there.


The integration of GLM and Bandcamp comes because we feel those user-facing mechanisms help present our artists’ music in the way we want to. But also, our catalog has been growing — we’re doing more releases than ever before, and that’s all because of your continued support, especially our Subscriber community. Because we’re adding more and more titles, our server load continues to grow, and as we add more data, the site can slow down a bit. So moving our music from our server to theirs should help keep our site quick to your click — just an added bonus really.

We started our Bandcamp run with Dave’s album Be Still last year, then Time Travel, then we launched new music by Matt Ulery, Linda Oh, and Donny McCaslin on dedicated artist stores that we manage.

This past week, we did the big upload—the three comprehensive Download-Only titles by Dave’s first Quintet, Keystone, and Brass Ecstasy. We’re happy to say, these titles are now available not only in MP3 and FLAC, but also AIF, WAV, OGG, and lots more. Clear some space on your hard drive, and get downloading!

We still have album pages up and running at our site store, and that won’t change. We’ll present further information on each release alongside links to each Bandcamp album page, and keep our sorting mechanisms in place for you to use to sift through the ever-expanding catalog. More titles will be appearing on our artist Bandcamp pages through the end of the year, even a new Dave Douglas album we’ve been keeping hush-hush for awhile now. Check back soon.