sampling the harpsichord

Image of the Harpsichord Mechanism

Often the music left on the cutting room floor can become the seeds for future projects.  A lot of time was spent searching for exotic sounds while in the process of making Community Immunity. Over the course of several months I recorded and sampled vintage electronic instruments, toy pianos, water sounds, ambiances and extended techniques, and developed a unique palette of rare instrumentation.  Even though most of these sounds did not end up on the final recording, it was not time wasted.  Going through a soundexploration process has equipped me with the tools and resources to add fresh, acoustic sonic signatures to future recordings.  It is very rewarding to hear a unique timbre on a record, especially if it’s created by the composer and adopted as part of the band’s sound.

Click Here to listen to the scratch edits of the title track, Community Immunity as played on the harpsichord.  The harpsichord is a very diverse instrument; many have multiple keyboards and “manuals” which drastically and emphatically morph its sound.  At the link above, two versions are shown each with different timbres.  I definitely will be remembering this sound for the future…