Sounds for Silence via Jazz Times

A couple of quotes from an article in JazzTimes this month titled, Sounds for Silence: Jazz & Silent Films, Jazz and silent film collide in Louis and projects by Dave Douglas, Bill Frisell and Marc Ribot, by Shaun Brady.

Morrison’s latest completed film, Spark of Being, reflects on his methods via a retelling of the Frankenstein story with a score, now on CD, by Douglas and Keystone. “Generally, our eyes and ears want to put music and images together,” Morrison says. “If you turn on the radio while you’re driving, more often than not you can feel like the music is the soundtrack to what’s going by. What I as a filmmaker am striving to do in my use of music is to create something where the two things seem like they’re melded—and that you’re not distracted by one or the other.”

Working with Morrison “is really a big step,” says Douglas. “We’ve been working with these old, old films, and suddenly there’s this living filmmaker who’s actually in the room, who came to the recording sessions and hung out and got to know everybody and almost become a seventh member of the band. I think we were able to bring a life to this film that was still changing as we were creating the music. That to me is the real living interaction between music and film.”

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