SUBSCRIBER SERIES // Dave Douglas – Mute Court

We’ve got a new solo trumpet Dave Douglas track for Hudson Solos, this year’s Subscriber Series!

Mute Court is the fifth piece in the series. Here are Dave’s comment on this one:

During these many months, I started more and more exploring solo playing and thinking of distinctive ways to create in that format. Part of that work led me to dig deep into the closets and bring out all my mutes, many of which I have not used in ages. Some of them I forgot I had. Some are clear favorites that I have recorded on many times over the years.

Making this track I was thinking of movement and time. The movement of the mutes in and out of the horn, back to the table. The sound of the time for those events to happen. And then, with three tracks, the movement in time of the various voices bouncing off each other. The result feels to me like a community in dialogue, a courtroom of muted and muffled commentaries.

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